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Cylinder for Fireking w/ Lockpin No Keys

Part#: MUL206SP-FKC-NS-S
Hot#: 148555

Available: 2 ( 2 LA )

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Solution for the extremely popular FireKing® fire-proof file cabinets. The FireKing® file cabinet cylinder is the only high security solution that allows full integration of FireKing® file cabinet locks into new or existing Mul-T-Lock keyed different, keyed alike or master keyed systems.


  • Convenient Mul-T-Lock retrofitting for most popular FireKing® file cabinets.
  • A comprehensive product, including cylinder, lock pin and nylon encasement.
  • Mul-T-Lock’s high security key design with the capacity to operate our entire product range.
  • Pick, drill and bump resistance along with superior key control.


  • Ideal for many of the popular FireKing® fire-proof file cabinet locks.


  • Materials: Cylinder - high quality brass with steel latch bolt / Encasement - tough industrial nylon.
  • Mechanism: Mul-T-Lock’s high precision 10 telescopic pin tumbler system.
  • Operation: 90° key rotation by operating key.
  • Standard: Drill and pick resistant.
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime mechanical warranty.


  • Key Security: Interactive®.
  • Key Type: Metal head.
  • Keyway: 264G (different keyway can be provided by request).
  • Keying:
    • ‘ 3 IN 1 ’ (changeable combination).
    • Keyed different, keyed alike.
    • Master keyed.


  • 05/605/US3 - Bright Brass
  • 06/606/US4 - Satin Brass
  • 09/609/US5 - Antique Brass
  • 13/613/US10B - Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • 19/619/US15 - Satin Nickel
  • 22/622/US19 - Flat Black
  • 25/625/US26 - Bright Chrome
  • 26/626/US26D - Satin Chrome
  • 32/630/US32D - Satin Stainless Steel
  • NS - Nickel Satin
  • EB - Electro Brass

Specifications for Mul-T-Lock MUL206SP-FKC-NS-S

Other Specs
Alternate Codes206SP-FKC-NS-S, 206SPFKCNSS
CategoryCabinet Locks, Cam & Drawer, Cam & Drawer Locks Etc., High Security Locks, Lock Sets
Cylinder TypeInteractive®+ Classic
Restricted KeywayNo