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Full Mortise Concealed Geared Continuous Hinge, Heavy Duty, 83in, Clear

Part#: ABHA111HDC083
Hot#: 155715

Available: 99+ ( 3 DEN, 12 KAN, 10 PHX, 99+ SLC, 20 STX )

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ABH Manufacturing Inc


  • Full Mortise Application/ Concealed Application
  • For renovation with new doors and/or frames, as well as new construction
  • 1/8" door inset
  • Will cover butt hinge cutouts in old frames
  • No mortising of doors or frames required
  • For doors up to 48" door width and 450 lbs
  • Standard fasteners are 12-24 x 7/8" self-drilling TEK Machine Screws
  • Fire Rated up to 90 min for metal swinging type fire doors, and 60 minute rated wood fire doors. Please request a quote for if fire rated door opening ratings are greater

Specifications for ABH Manufacturing Inc ABHA111HDC083

Other Specs
Alternate CodesA111HDC083
CategoryContinuous Hinges, Hinges
Door Thickness1-3/4"
Door TypeHeavy Duty
Hinge Rating450 lbs
Hinge Size83"
Hinge StyleConcealed, Geared
Hinge TypeContinuous Hinge