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SFIC Rim Cylinder Housing

Part#: BES12E72-S2-RP-626
Hot#: 151800
 Finish: Satin Chrome

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Best Accessa 1E Rim Cylinder

Standard rim cylinder applications require the use of BEST's 1E rim cylinder series. BEST rim cylinders are interchangeable with other manufacturers' rim cylinders. BEST rim cylinders are machined from solid bar stock and are available in a variety of finishes. The standard package for the BEST rim cylinder includes cylinder, RP3 ring package, 1E-S2 spindle, clamp plate and clamp plate screws. BEST rim cylinders feature the BEST interchangeable core and may be masterkeyed into any existing Best system.

  • Cylinder diameter — 1-5/32"


    Cylinder Nomenclature Dimension Door Thickness
    1E-62 1-3/16" 1" to 2-3/4"
    1E-72 1-11/32" 1-1/4" to 3"


    • RP Standard Ring Package:
    • The RP standard ring package includes a 1E-R3 ( 3/16" ) and 1E-R5 ( 3/8" ) ring.

    • RP1 Ring Package:
    • The RP1 ring package for the 1E-76 cylinder includes a 1E-R2 (1/8" ) and 1E-R3 ( 3/16" ) ring.

    • RP2 Ring Package:
    • The RP2 ring package for the 1E-64 cylinder includes a 1E-R2 (1/8" ) and 1E-R4 (1/4" ) ring.

    • RP3 Ring Package:
    • The RP3 ring package for the 1E-62, 1E-72 and 1E-74 cylinders includes a 1E-R2 (1/8" ) and a 1E-R5 ( 3/8" )


  • 1E-C4
  • Standard Cam for 1E-64, and 1E-74 Mortise Cylinders- Unless otherwise specified, the 1E-C4 cam is supplied on all 1E mortise cylinders.

    Specifications for Best Access Solutions Inc BES12E72-S2-RP-626

    Finish ColorSatin Chrome
    Other Specs
    Alternate Codes12E72-S2-RP-626, 12E72RP626, 12E72S2RP626, 142993, 1E72RP626, BES12E72-S2-RP3-626, BES12E72RP626LC, BES12E72S2RP626, STN12E72RP626, STN12E72S2RP626, STN1E72RP626
    Housing Type7-Pin, Rim, SFIC