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Original Mortise Cylinder 1-1/8in, 6-Pin, 00 Air Keyway, Sub-Assembled, Standard Yale Cam, Satin Chrome 26

Part#: MED100200-26-00-S
Hot#: 114628
 Finish: Bright Chrome

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Medeco High Security Locks

Medeco® Rim and Mortise cylinders provide patented key control and the Medeco³ version provides UL437 Physical Security in adaptable retrofit cylinder formats. Medeco® Mortise cylinders have threads on the outside of the shell and are designed to be screwed into other manufacturer's mortise lock cases. A cam on the back of the cylinder operates the lock mechanism and a set screw holds the mortise cylinder in place. Medeco® Rim cylinders are used with auxiliary rim locks such as: surface mounted deadbolts, night latches, panic devices and jimmy proof locks (also know as vertical drop bolts or interlocking deadbolts). Rim cylinders are held in place with a back plate and two mounting screws. 10 series, rim and mortise cylinders, are UL437 Listed for drill and pick resistance, and the those that incorporate the Medeco³, BiLevel, or Medeco X4 design, offer utility patented key control.


  • Patented Key Control: Protects against unauthorized duplication of your keys. Uses Existing Hardware Medeco offers the largest selection of retrofit Rim & Mortise cylinders that reduce cost by eliminating the need to replace your existing hardware.
  • Can Be Master keyed: Medeco³ and BiLevel Rim & Mortise cylinders can be master keyed into a system containing Medeco BiLevel and Medeco³ mechanical as well as Medeco³ CLIQ eCylinders.
  • Protection From Physical Attack: Medeco³ Rim & Mortise cylinders are UL 437 listed and stand up to drilling, picking and other forms of physical attack.
  • Special Angle Cut Keys: Requires a special key cutting machine and access to Medeco specific blanks, available in a variety of restrictions to support every need.
  • Picking and Bumping Protection: Medeco³ cylinders use a sidebar that prevent the key from rotating until it is elevated, rotated and aligned in the correct position. This feature protects against bumping and picking attacks.


  • BHMA A156.30 Certification assures patent protected key control and physical strength
  • BHMA A156.5 Grade 1 Certification assures consistent quality for heavy use applications
  • Solid brass construction provides high quality and long cylinder life
  • Set screw pin chamber caps allow quick and easy pinning and re-keying without the need to take the cylinder apart
  • Large variety of cylinder lengths and cam/tailpiece configurations provide excellent retrofit capability and reduce the need to replace the entire locking device
  • Applications: Flexible options designed to retrofit various manufacturers of Mortise and Rim locks

Key Technologies:

  • - = Original
  • K = Medeco KM
  • T = Medeco³
  • W = Biaxial
  • J = Medeco³ BiLevel
  • C = Classic CLIQ
  • N = Medeco X4
  • S = M³ CLIQ
  • M = Medeco X4 CLIQ


  • 05/US03 - Bright Brass
  • 06/US04 - Satin Brass
  • 09/US5 - Antique Brass
  • 11/US9 - Bright Bronze
  • 12/US10 - Satin Bronze
  • 13/US10B - Dark Bronze/Oil Rubbed
  • 18/US14 - Bright Nickel
  • 19/US15 - Satin Nickel
  • 20/US15A - Antique Nickel
  • 22/US19 - Flat Black
  • 24/US20A - Dark Bronze/Clear Coat
  • 25/US26 - Bright Chrome
  • 26/US26D - Satin Chrome

Specifications for Medeco High Security Locks MED100200-26-00-S

Other Specs
Alternate Codes10-0200-26-00S, 10-02002600S, 100200 - 26 00 S, 100200---26-00S, 100200-26-00-S, 100200-26-00S, 100200..-2600S, 1002002600S, 114628, MED10-0200-26-00S, MED10-02002600S, MED100200---26-00S, MED100200-26-00S
Cam TypeStandard
CategoryCylinders, High Security Cylinders, High Security Locks, High Security Mortise Cylinders, Key Blanks & Accessories, Lock Components, Etc., Lock Parts, Lock Sets, Mortise Cylinders
Cylinder AssemblySUB - Sub-Assembled, with Sidebar, No Tumbler Pins
Cylinder Type6-Pin Cylinder, Mortise Cylinder
Finish Code26
Finish ColorBright Chrome, Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome
KeywayMedeco 00
ManufacturerMedeco High Security
Restricted KeywayNo
SeriesMedeco Original