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M3 Single Switch Lock Momentary, 1 Keypull, 5-Pin, DL Keyway, Pinned with 2 Keys, Satin Chrome 26

Part#: MED652150T-021-T-26-DLT
Hot#: 139160
 Finish: Polished Chrome

Available: 9 ( 3 DEN, 6 LA )

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Medeco Micro Switch Locks

The Medeco® 3/4 inch diameter, high security Switch Lock offer a wide range of electrical functions with the physical security and patented key control of a Medeco® cylinder. Available in either single or double switch models, Medeco® Switch Locks are ideally suited for applications requiring controlled access to electrically activated systems, including alarms, ATMs, time delay safes, encryption devices, heavy power equipment, control panels and electrically accessed doors and gates.

The Medeco3 unique design provides triple locking action, making the locks virtually pick proof. All Medeco³ keys and lcoks are protected under patent, trademark and copyright laws. Medeco® keys may only be duplicated by Medeco® or by an authorized Medeco® dealer, and only at your request.


• UL 437 Listed
• Switch - UL Registered, CSA Certified


  • All Medeco® cylinders are constructed of durable machined brass components, designed to last the life of your equipment.
  • Available in single or double switch models, momentary and maintained positions.
  • Silver or gold contacts (for low amperage applications) designed to accept quick connect leads.
  • Hardened stainless steel inserts inside the cylinder provide the ultimate defense against drilling and other forms of physical attack.
  • Unique elevating and rotating tumbler pin system is virtually pick proof.
  • Patented Medeco³ keys may only be duplicated by Medeco® or an authorized Medeco® service outlet, and only at your request.
  • Medeco® Switch Locks are completely serviceable, and can be re-keyed in case of lost or stolen keys.
  • Medeco® Switch Locks can be keyed in with other 60 Series products (10 Series products may be keyed into existing 60 Series systems)
  • Locks can be keyed alike, keyed different, or master keyed depending on your specific needs.


  • Five pin, 3/4 inch double "D" mounting standard.
  • Available in either single or double switch models with silver (or gold) contacts.
  • Rated at 7 amps resistive at 125/250 VAC.
  • Contacts designed to accept quick connect leads (AMP connector number 60598-3)


Medeco® High Security Switch Locks can be used in any standard 3/4 inch diameter switch lock application and a multitude of markets including:

» Heavy Power Machinery
» Time Delay Safes
» Material Handline Equipment
» Construction Vehicles
» Electrically Accessed Gates
» Cash Control Systems
» Encryption Devices
» Alarms
» Control Panels
» ATMs


» 26 brushed chrome finish standard.
» Other finishes available, depending on volume.

Specifications for Medeco High Security Locks MED652150T-021-T-26-DLT

Other Specs
Alternate Codes139160, 652150T-021-T-26-DLT, 652150T021T26DLT, 65T2150021-DL-KD, 65T2150021DLKD, 65T2150T-021-26-DLT-KD, 65T2150T02126DLTKD, MED652150T-021-T-26-DLT, MED65T2150021-DL-KD, MED65T2150021DLKD, MED65T2150T-021-26-DLT-KD
CategoryCabinet Locks, Cam & Drawer, Cam & Drawer Locks Etc., High Security Locks, Lock Sets
Cylinder Type1 Key Pull, 5-Pin
Finish Code26
Finish ColorPolished Chrome, Satin Chrome
KeywayMedeco DL
ManufacturerMedeco High Security
Restricted KeywayNo
Series65 Series
Switch TypeMonemtary