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HD Center Arm Single Action Floor. Right Handed. Exterior or Interior Doors Up To 350 lbs, Up To 48in.

Part#: RIX2890S-HO-626-RH
Hot#: 143333
Mfg: Rixson
 Finish: Satin Chrome

  • Overview
  • Specifications

RIXON 28 Series Heavy Duty Center Hung Floor Closer

Product Description & Features
Centering arm with adjusting screws in face of door

  • Built-in positive dead stop prevents door from swinging beyond the desired opening degree (specify 85°, 90°, 95° or 105°)
  • Separate and independent valves for closing speed, latch speed and backcheck
  • Available non-hold open (N) or selective hold open (S) at same degree as dead stop
  • Delayed action option - prefix "DA" (non-hold open closers only)
  • Models available to meet ICC/ANSI A117.1 low opening force requirements, prefix "PH". (For 8-1/2 lbs. of opening force prefix "PH" and suffix 8-1/2 lbs.)
  • Cold weather fluid option - specify "CWF" (not available for closers with "DA")
  • Sealed closer option - specify "SC"
  • Available with floor plate or threshold installation (floor plate shown)
  • Arm reinforcement bracket for wood doors - prefix W
  • Cycolac, rustproof cement case
  • Standard top pivot: #340 included
  • Not allowed for fire rated doors
  • Frame stop required on the header at the lock side. If not supplied by frame manufacturer, recommend use of 60131
  • Furnished with wood and machine screws
  • Extended spindles available in 1/2" increments up to 2" longer than standard


» Single Acting, Handed
» Exterior or Interior Doors
» Weight to 350 lbs.
» Centering Arm
» Sizes up to 4'0" x 8'6" (1219 x 2591mm)

* For doors taller than 8'6" use top pivot #345 in lieu of #340


  • Sealed Closer – Prefix SC
    This option for exterior doors or interior doors, with heavy exposure to water or cleaning solvents, protects the body. The closer body is placed in the cement case. A stainless steel cover plate is then gasketed and fastened to the cement case. This must be ordered with closer and cannot be ordered less the cement case.

  • Delayed Action – Prefix DA
    After full open, permits door to remain ajar (at 70 degrees) for up to 40 seconds. Operates by separate valve and can be shut off if not needed. Not available on closers with hold open feature.

  • Physically Handicapped – Prefix PH
    To comply with ICC/ANSI A117.1 established by the Americans with Disabilities Act. PH prefix indicates 5 pounds of opening force, based at 30"" from centerline of pivot. PH closers may not be used on labeled fire doors or exterior doors. Rixson accepts no responsibility for PH closers and door latching. Also, be advised that ADA guidelines DO NOT apply to fire rated openings or exterior doors.

  • Wood Door – Prefix W
    When using a center hung product with the centering arm (e.g. 28, 30 or 40) a special plate and less obtrusive adjusting screws are needed for wood doors. This plate is reinforcement to the deep mortise required for that arm, protecting veneer.

  • Fire Rated – Prefix F
    Closer packages for fire rated doors(up to 3 hours) include a steel top pivot and must have additional steel intermediate pivots. These closers are non-hold open.

  • Twenty Minute Label – Suffix -20
    This UL rating is for 20 minute doors. Pivots are brass base materialand include a visible label.

  • 8-1/2 Lbs. Opening Force – Prefix PH Suffix 8-1/2
    This is a lighter than normal opening force. Be aware that this may not be strong enough to close fire rated or exterior doors. Rixson accepts noresponsibility for PH closers and door latching. Also, be advised that ADA guidelines DO NOT apply to fire rated openings or exterior doors.

  • Less All Parts – Suffix LAP
    If a closer is needed for replacement, the arm, cover, cement case, top pivot and floor plate are omitted.

  • Less Floor Plate – Suffix LFP
    When thresholds or cover pans are being used, the closer doesn't need the decorative floor plate.

  • Less Cement Case – Suffix LCC
    For existing installations or when cement case has been sent earlier in construction. Closer will be packaged without the cement case.

  • Less Top Pivot – Suffix LTP
    For unusual head conditions, where the top pivot cannot be used, the closer is shipped without the top pivot. For offset installations, an additional load bearing intermediate (side jamb) M190 pivot is required. All intermediate pivots for that opening should be M190's, not M19's

  • Degree of Swing – Follows Model Number
    Single acting heavy-duty floor closers have a deadstop. This means that the door cannot go past a certain point. If ordered as a hold open closer, the hold open position is exactly the same as the deadstop. The degrees available are 85°, 90°, 95° or 105° (180° for model 27 only). It is recommended that the maximum degree of swing be ordered.
    * Double acting closers have a deadstop at 103° and are available with hold open options at 90° or 100°.

  • Non Hold Open – Suffix N
    These closers do not hold the door open. This feature cannot be changed in the field.

  • Automatic Hold Open – Suffix A
    These closers hold the door open. This feature cannot be changed in the field. Models 27-180, 30 & 40 only.

  • Selective Hold Open – Suffix S
    These closers can be set to hold open or non-hold open. This is done via a screw control on the top of the closer. Available on Models 27 and 28 only.

  • Hand- Suffix RH or LH
    All single acting floor closers are handed. All double acting floor closers (30, 40, H40) are non-handed.

Specifications for Rixson RIX2890S-HO-626-RH

HandingRight Hand
Series28 Series
Other Specs
Alternate Codes143333, 28090S-HO-626-RH, 28090SHO626RH, 2890S-HO-626-RH, 2890SHO626RH, RIX28090S-HO-626-RH, RIX2890SHO626RH
Arm FunctionHold Open
Closer TypeConcealed, Floor, Mechanical
Finish ColorSatin Chrome
Maximum Opening90°