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RF Transmitter 900 MHz w/Flag 3V

Part#: BEA10TD900PB
Hot#: 154443

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BEA - 900 MHZ Digital Receiver - 10RD900

The BEA's RF-900 series transmitters and receiver are FCC Part 15 certified activation devices. Universally compatible with any door activation system or automation need, the 900 MHz wireless technology enables communication with any push plate, detection sensor or signaling device. The RF-900 series employs "frequency hopping technology" to allow secure, point-to-multipoint communication.

BEA's RF-900 series provides several advantages over legacy frequencies including greater transmission distances, with line of sight capability of 500 feet*. It emits a more robust signal through obstacles such as walls, partitions, doors or Low Emissivity glass.

* measured in open-air line of sight.


  • Performs up to 500 feet line of sight
  • Works through Low-E glass
  • Up to four separate wireless receivers can be activated by a single transmitter
  • Built-in signal strength on receiver
  • Built-in low battery transmitter indicator
  • A maximum of 74 transmitters can be programmed to one receiver
  • Transmits a unique rolling code each time the switch is closed
  • Receiver Power: 12 to 24 V AC/DC
  • Transmitter Power: Flag Connector: 2 AAA Batteries, Handhelds: One 3V Battery


Part Number Description
10RD900 900 MHz digital receiver
10TD900HH1 900 MHz digital handheld transmitter
1 Button Control (1) 10RD900 receiver
10TD900HH2 900 MHz digital handheld transmitter
2 Button Control (2) 10RD900 receivers
10TD900HH3 900 MHz digital handheld transmitter
3 Button Control (3) 10RD900 receivers
10TD900HH4 900 MHz digital handheld transmitter
4 Button Control (4) 10RD900 receivers
10TD900PB 900 MHz digital flag connector transmitter for use with ALL activation Push Plates (2) AAA Batteries

Specifications for BEA Incorporated BEA10TD900PB

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Alternate Codes10TD900PB