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Part#: CDCCA2232-S-GE
Hot#: 141867

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Calibre Door Closers CA2200 OHC Series

Standard Overhead Concealed Closers Hydraulic Door Closers


  • Underwriters' Laboratories Inc. Listed for units without hold open feature. UL10C for positive pressure and certified to conform to UBC 7.2 (1997) BS476 for Fire Safety.
  • Center Hung Door Application: Double or Single Acting (applied door stop renders unit Single Acting). Adjustable 'S' type side loading or 'A' type, 'K' type, and 'PT' type end loading arms are available for center pivoted door applications.
  • Offset Hung Door Application: Single Acting Offset 'JO' and 'VO' type top arms are available for butt hung or offset pivoted applications.
  • Standard Fixed spring tensions available:
    • Light
    • Medium
    • Heavy
  • Dual Speed Control Valves: Closing and Latching speeds controlled by separate regulating valves, fully adjustable after installation.
  • Adjustable CA3010-DP dual purpose radial ball-bearing bottom pivot set is provided for floor or threshold mounted (Side or End Loading) center pivoted installation. CA3010-G and CA3010-GE bottom pivot sets are optional, and must be ordered separately.
  • Universal application. Non-handed for left or right door application.
  • Installs in an aluminum storefront header or transom as small as 1-3/4" x 4"
  • Positive cam centering for alignment and to hold door closed against normal wind or draft conditions.
  • Stable hydraulic door check fluid for any climatic operation and provides constant lubrication.


  • Built-in positive Back Stop and Hold-Open positions are available:
    • 105-deg Back Stop with Hold-Open
    • 105-deg Back Stop-no Hold-Open
    • 90-deg Back Stop with Hold-Open
    • 90-deg Back Stop-no Hold-Open
  • Handicap (ADA) spring tensions available for use on center pivoted door applications:
    • 5.0 lb. Opening Force (Center Hung door)
    • 8.5 lb. Opening Force (Center Hung door)

Center Hung Doors: Complete units for aluminum doors and frames are furnished with top arm assembly ('S' side loading, 'A', 'K', or 'PT' end loading), adjustable dual purpose CA3010-DP bottom pivot set for floor or threshold mounting (side or end loading), and CA3010-FS anchor set with all fasteners.

  • 'S' type side loading top arm, CA3010-DP adjustable dual purpose pivot set, and the CA3010-FS anchor set will be furnished unless otherwise specified by the customer.
  • 'A' type, 'K' type or 'PT' type end loading, and 'JO' or 'VO' type offset arms are optional, but must be specified.

Offset Hung Doors: Complete units for offset pivoted or butt hung aluminum doors and frames are furnished with a 'JO' or 'VO' type offset arm and CA3010-FS anchor set with all fasteners.

  • Note: Offset pivots or butt hinges not included. Top Door Stop / Arm Cover by others.


CA2200-B Unit Body Only (Specify: Spring Tension, Type & Function)
CA3010-S 'S' Type Side Loading Top Arm Assembly (1/2" Depth Top Rail)
CA3010-A 'A' Type End Loading Top Arm Assembly (1" Depth Top Rail)
CA3010-K 'K' Type End Loading Top Arm Assembly (5/8" Depth Top Rail)
CA3010-PT 'PT' Type End Loading Top Arm Assembly (7/8" Depth Top Rail)
CA3010-JO 'JO' Type Offset Top Arm Assembly (Mortised Type, Cut down into 9/16" Depth Top Rail)
CA3020-VO 'VO' Type Offset Top Arm Assembly (Surface Type, Requires 7/8" Depth Top Rail)
CA3010-FS Anchor Set (Standard - for Snap together Header)
CA3010-FK Anchor Set (Optional - for Full tube Cut Away Header)
CA3010-F Corner Anchor Clip (F Clip Only)
CA3010-DP Adjustable Dual Purpose Bottom Pivot Set (Standard)
CA3010-G Adjustable Floor Mount Bottom Pivot Set (Optional)
CA3010-GE Adjustable Threshold Mount Bottom Pivot Set (Optional)

Specifications for Calibre Door Closers CDCCA2232-S-GE

Other Specs
Alternate Codes141867, 2232-S-GE, 2232SGE, CA2232-S-GE, CA2232SGE, CDC2232-S-GE
Arm FunctionHold Open
Closer TypeConcealed, Mechanical
Maximum Opening90°
MountingCenter Hung, Side Load
OptionsThreshold Mount Bottom Pivot Set
SeriesCA2200 Series
Spring TensionAdjustable
SupplierCalibre Door Closers