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Dummy Pushbar, Dual Monitor Switches, Fits Narrow and Wide Stile Aluminum Doors, Aluminum Clear Anodized (628), 36in

Part#: ADREX80-R628
Hot#: 158325

Available: 1 ( 1 SLC )

Includes two monitoring switches. Field selectable for active or inactive configuration

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Adams Rite Manufacturing

The EX80 Dummy Push Bar is designed for applications that do not require a latching/locking life-safety exit device. The flexible EX80 design comes standard with two monitoring switches, and is field selectable for active or inactive configuration. Dummy Push Bar with no latching mechanism is designed for use with a maglock or other locking device. When the active pushbar is depressed, the magnet is turned off, which allows egress from the building. Two monitoring switches allow for redundancy where required by code or the operation of a signal device. Device is field selectable for active or inactive configuration. Designed for use on single or pairs of doors. Suitable for low, medium and high traffic areas on aluminum, hollow metal and wood applications.


  • Materials: Active pushbar and back bar made of extruded aluminum. Matching metal angled end caps.
  • Handing: Device is non-handed.
  • Door Thickness: Suitable for use with all door thickness.
  • Stile Width: Minimum 2" stile. Fits ultra-narrow, narrow, medium and wide stile aluminum doors.
  • Projection:
    • Active configuration: 2-1/2" when fully projected, 1-3/4" when dogged.
    • Inactive configuration: 2-1/2" when inactive fully projected, 1-3/4" when inactive dogged down.
  • Fasteners: Device mounted using standard self-tapping screws. Hardware is not visible from back when installed. Adhesive templates for mounting included.
  • End Caps: Mounting end cap with 1/4" overlap for cut coverage.
  • Universal Hardware Kit: Hardware kit is suitable for aluminum, hollow metal, and wood door applications.
  • Noise Reduction:
    • Impact bumpers to reduce noise from the initial device activation
    • Return control to dampen the sound and control the device returning to its resting state
    • Horizontal and vertical guides decrease the scraping sound of the active push bar on the static back bar
  • Monitoring: Comes standard with two monitoring switches. Device is field selectable active or inactive configuration.
  • Standard Package: Individually boxed.
  • Shipping Weight: 8 lbs

Specifications for Adams Rite Manufacturing ADREX80-R628

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Alternate CodesADREX80-R628M, EX80-R628, EX80-R628M, EX80R628, EX80R628M
CategoryPanic Devices, Panic Devices & Exit Alarms, Touchbars