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Hospital Push/Pull 5in Latch, 626/US26D Satin Chrome

Part#: SCHHL6-5 626
Hot#: 145971
 Finish: Satin Chrome

Available: 99+ ( 24 DAL, 11 DEN, 10 KAN, 12 LA, 6 LV, 38 PHX, 3 SEA, 3 SLC, 7 STX )

Latchbolt retracted by paddle from either side.

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Schlage Lock Company HL Series

Hospitals and other health care environments have special requirements for noise reduction to help patients heal faster and staff perform efficiently. The HL Series hospital latches are designed for quiet operation utilizing the L Series chassis to add superior strength and durability. The short throw angle allows door opening with an easy push or pull action. Mount them horizontally or vertically in either direction. Optional key override adds an anti-barricade safety feature on three functions helping prevent self-harm situations by allowing the key to override a thumbturn being held in a locked position.


  • Dampened paddle action – depression and snap back – reduces noise associated with lock operation
  • Proven 50% quieter paddle operation – both in the pull and push direction – than our previous solution
  • Comes standard on all HL Series hardware
  • Available in tubular, privacy and mortise
  • Classic design suites with existing solutions
  • Variety of vertical or horizontal mounting positions fits a wide range of applications
  • 16 mortise functions, including electrified
  • 10 finishes, including antimicrobial options
  • Optional engraving on handles

Applications:Anywhere operational noise is disruptive:

  • Care areas where patients are sleeping and healing
  • Work areas/stations where concentration is important
  • Busy traffic areas such as hallways
  • Chapels or auditoriums where noise can be disturbing
  • Office or administrative areas


  • Chassis Case: Cold Rolled Steel (CRS) with corrosion resistant zinc dichromate plating
  • Chassis Case size: 4-7/16" x 6 1/16" x 1" (113 mm x 154 mm x 25 mm)
  • Chassis Door thickness: 1-3/4" (44 mm) standard
  • Chassis Handing: Non-handed
  • Chassis Mounting positions: handles up (non-keyed functions only), handles down, one handle up with other down, or horizontal with handles pointed away from latch
  • Trim Options: Paddle lever design made of brass or Stainless Steel
  • Trim: Optional engraved handles with "push" and "pull" messaging
  • Trim Dimensions: body 2 9⁄16” x 5 1/2” (65 mm x 140 mm); paddle 1 1/2" x 4 1/2" (38 mm x 114 mm); projection from door 2 5/8" (67 mm)
  • Trim Options: Available 1/8" thick lock case lead lining option for use in X-ray or other rooms with radiation concern
  • Latch Backset: 2-3/4" (70 mm) only
  • Latch Armor: Standard - 1-1⁄4" x 8" x 7⁄32" (32 mm x 203 mm x 6 mm)
  • Latch Deadbolt: 1" (25 mm) throw stainless steel
  • Latch: 3⁄4" (19 mm) throw stainless steel with anti-friction tongue
  • Strike: ASA strike 1-1⁄4" x 4-7⁄8" (32 mm x 124 mm) standard; bent tab strike optional 1-1/4" X" x 4-7/8" " (32 mm x 124 mm); dust box included


  • Non-keyed functions:
    • HL6-9010 Passage latch (ANSI F01)
    • HL6-9040 Bath/bedroom privacy lock (ANSI F22)
  • Keyed non-deadbolt functions:
    • Single cylinder:
      • HL6-9050 Entrance/office lock (ANSI F04)
      • HL6-9070 Classroom lock (ANSI F05)
      • HL6-9080 Storeroom lock (ANSI F07)
    • Double cylinder:
      • HL6-9060 Apartment entrance lock (ANSI F09)
      • HL6-9082 Institution lock (ANSI F30)
  • Keyed deadbolt functions:
    • Single cylinder:
      • HL6-9453 Entrance/office lock with deadbolt (ANSI F20)
      • HL6-9456 Corridor lock with deadbolt (ANSI F13) and optional key override feature
      • HL6-9465 Closet/storeroom lock
      • HL6-9473 Dormitory/bedroom lock (ANSI F21)
      • HL6-9485 Faculty/hotel restroom lock with deadbolt and optional key override feature
      • HL6-9486 Faculty/hotel restroom lock with chevron indicator and optional key override feature
    • Double cylinder:
      • HL6-9466 Utility room/storeroom lock (F14)
  • Electrified: Two HL Series electrified mortise hospital latch functions also available
  • Optional key override is a safety feature, available on three functions, that allows the outside key to retract the deadbolt and/or latchbolt, depending on function, to override the inside thumbturn when it is being held in the locked position.


  • 605 - Bright Brass
  • 606 - Satin Brass
  • 612 - Satin Bronze
  • 613 - Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • 625 - Bright Chrome
  • 626/626AM - Satin Chrome
  • 629 - Bright Stainless Steel
  • 630/630AM - Satin Stainless Steel

Specifications for Schlage Lock Company SCHHL6-5 626

Other Specs
Alternate CodesGLYHL6-5US26D, HL6-5 626, HL65626, HL65US26D, HL6-5US26D, SCHHL6-5US26D
CategoryCommercial Locks, Hospital/Anti-Ligature Lever, Lock Sets
Finish ColorSatin Chrome
GradeGrade 1
Knob/Lever DesignPush/Pull Lever
Lock CategoryPush/Pull Latch