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Intermediate Pivot Full Mortise

Part#: DDC75220626LH
Hot#: 142890
 Finish: Satin Chrome

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  • Series Overview
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DormaKaba Architectural Hardware LM Series Pivots

LM Series pivots are produced from brass or steel for interior and exterior non-rated and fire-rated doors. Top pivots and bottom arms will be center hung, 3/4" or 1-1/2" offset. Pivots can be substituted within a pivot set, assuming the offset is the same. Offset 3/4" and 1-1/2" top pivots are available for doors that are inset 1/8" from the frame face while standard intermediate and bottom arms are templated accordingly. Center hung pivots will accommodate double-acting and single-acting doors. Center hung single-acting doors will use an applied stop. Pocket pivots will accommodate doors opening 90° that must be flush with an adjacent wall. All pivots and pivot sets will incorporate needle bearings and lubricated hardened steel pivot pins treated to prevent corrosion.

  • Intermediate pivots will be 3/4" or 1-1/2" offset.
  • Side jamb bottom pivot will be 3/4" offset.
  • Top and intermediate pivots will be full mortise configurations.
  • Bottom arms and side jamb pivot will be mortised.

ANSI Conversion Chart:

ANSI # ANSI Requirement/Function Dorma Pivot Set Dorma Pivots
CO7011 Center pivoted, 1000 lb door max CP1000
CO7O21 Center pivoted, 250 lb door max CP660
CO7032 Center pivoted, 150 lb door max CP440, CPA440
C07121 Offset pivoted, 250 lb door max OPH750, OP1550
CO7131 Offset pivoted, side jamb bottom pivot, 250 lb door max OPJ350
CO7162 Offset pivoted, 150 lb door max OP440, OPL440, OP15200
CO7172 Offset pivoted, side jamb bottom pivot, 150 lb door max OPJ350
CO7202 Offset pivoted, labeled fire doors, 150 lb door max OPF440, OPLF440, OPF15200
CO7311 Offset pivoted, lead-lined intermediate pivot 75240
CO7321 Offset pivoted, intermediate pivot 75220, 15220
CO7371 Offset pivoted, intermediate pivot, labeled fire doors 75233, 15233
CO7382 Offset pivoted, full mortise intermediate pivot (light-duty) 75210


  • Painted Finishes:
    • Primed for Painting: 600
    • Brass: 605 (Bright) or 606 (Satin)
    • Bronze: 611 (Bright), 612 (Satin), or 613 (Oxidized Satin Oil Rubbed)
    • Nickel: 618 (Bright) or 619 (Satin)
    • Chrome: 625 (Bright) or 626 (Satin)
  • Sprayed Finishes:
    • Aluminum: 689
    • Bronze: 691 (Dull), 690 (Statuary), or 695 (Dark Duranodic)
    • Gold: 696
    • Black: 693

Specifications for DormaKaba Architectural Hardware DDC75220626LH

Other Specs
Alternate Codes142890, 75220626LH
CategoryHinges, Pivots
Door Size4'.0" Wide
Finish ColorSatin Chrome
HandingLeft Hand
Hinge Rating440 lbs
Hinge Size5" x 1-1/8"
Hinge StyleIntermediate Pivot
Hinge TypePivot Hinge