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Heavy Duty Concealed Floor Closer LH/RHR Package, Spring Size 4, Controlled Closing with Two Adjustable Valves.

Part#: DDCBTS80D4-626 LH
Hot#: 142888
 Finish: Satin Chrome

Available: 18 ( 2 DEN, 7 KAN, 6 LV, 1 PHX, 2 SEA )

Closer Bodies are Non-Handed, other Parts may be Handed, this Package is Handed. Size 4 for Exterior Door Opening 2ft-6in to 3ft-6in, Interior 2ft-6in to 4ft. BTS80D4-74010-LH-AMS-7410-626

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Notice: The info below is not item specific.

DormaKaba Architectural Hardware

The BTS80 Series of floor-concealed door closers offer adaptability to almost any installation. The closer's compact body permits its use where a larger closer would be prohibitive. Versatility allows installation in thin slab concrete subfloor construction. A wide selection of interchangeable spindles makes the BTS80 suitable for virtually any floor covering or threshold application.

  • Versatile and adaptable: Because the BTS80 can control exceptionally heavy single- and double-acting doors, you can incorporate the floor closer into almost any design to meet most materials, size, and weight requirements.
  • Applications: Trouble-free performance under adverse climatic and traffic conditions makes the BTS80 floor-concealed closer dependable and a perfect choice for even the most rigorous applications. For total control and uncompromising creativity for any door opening, specify a BTS80 floor-concealed closer.


  • Concealed installation
  • Fixed spring sizes
  • Non-handed for single and double-acting doors
  • Mechanical backcheck

Technical Details:

  • Compact closer body and cement case 2-3/8" deep suited for thin slab concrete construction.
  • Accommodates doors weighing up to 660 lb and 4'-6" wide interior and 4'-0" exterior.
  • Closer adjustment in cement case provides lateral and longitudinal adjustment of 1/4" and height adjustment of 5/32".
  • A pressure relief valve protects closer from damage caused by forced closing.
  • Optional sealing compound SC2 prevents water or cleaning solvent from entering the cement case.
  • Closer body is non-handed.
  • Mechanical backcheck at approximately 70-deg (excluding size 3, where backcheck is removed to meet barrier-free through 90-deg of opening for easier passage).
  • Selectable delayed action between 175-deg and 75-deg. Extends the closing cycle to allow unobstructed passage.
  • Delayed action is functional when hold open is not engaged.
  • Dual thermostatic control valves combined with special hydraulic fluid provide controlled closing from 175-deg.
  • Selectable multipoint hold open between approximately 75-deg and 175-deg.
  • Adjustment for start of hold open range or when delayed action releases. Adjustable between 75-deg and 105-deg.


Spindle # X = Door Clearance 3-deg Offset No. Y = Dimension
74003 5/16" 80003 1/8"
74005 1/2" 80005 5/16"
74007 5/8" 7/16"
74010(STD) 3/4" 80010 1/2"
74012 13/16" 5/8"
74015 7/8" 80015 11/16"
74020 1-1/8" 80020 7/8"
74025 1-5/16" 80025 1"
74030 1-1/2" 80030 1-5/16"
74035 1-11/16" 1-1/2"
74040 1-7/8" 1-11/16"
74045 2-1/16" 1-7/8"
74050 2-5/16" 2-1/16"

  • Offset Spindles: Spindles are available with a 3-deg offset for additional pressure to hold door in the closed position. Normally, this is only necessary for center-pivoted single acting applications. However, they can also be used with other applications to compensate for templating errors. Specify hand of offset spindle when ordering.
  • Cover Plate: Universal cover plate 7410, suitable for left hand/right hand, 3/4" offset, 1-1/2" offset, and center pivoted doors. Material is stainless steel or brass depending on the plated finish specified.


  • Optional Plated Finishes
    • Brass: 605 (Bright) or 606 (Satin).
    • Bronze: 611 (Bright), 612 (Satin), or 613 (Oxidized Satin Oil Rubbed).
    • Nickel: 618 (Bright) or 619 (Satin).
    • Chrome: 625 (Bright) or 626 (Satin).
  • Standard Sprayed Finishes
    • Aluminum: 689.
    • Bronze: 691 (Dull), 690 (Statuary), or 695 (Dark Duranodic).
    • Gold: 696.
    • Black: 693.
  • Optional DORMA Custom Color or Designer Color Finishes
    • Special Order

Specifications for DormaKaba Architectural Hardware DDCBTS80D4-626 LH

Other Specs
Alternate Codes142888, BTS80D4-626 LH, BTS80D4626LH, BTS80D626 LH, BTS80D626LH, BTS80DL626, DDCBTS80D626 LH
CategoryDoor Closers, Floor Closers
Closer TypeFloor, Mechanical
Finish ColorSatin Chrome
HandingLeft Hand
Mounting3/4" Offset
OptionsMechanical Backcheck
SeriesBTS80 Series