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Power Supply for EL, LR or MLR Devices, 24-26VDC, Powers up to 2 Exits

Hot#: 172051

Available: 62 ( 3 DAL, 5 DEN, 4 KAN, 15 LA, 6 LV, 16 PHX, 7 SEA, 2 SLC, 4 STX )

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Adams Rite Manufacturing

The Power Supply is specifically designed to protect and optimize the performance of Adams Rite 8000/3000 Series exit devices with Motorized Latch Retraction (MLR) or Electric Latch Retraction (LR) Options by delivering filtered and regulated power. This power supply is designed to provide power and control for up to two MLR or LR exit devices. Each exit device is controlled by a timer that is initiated by a switch closure. The timer is user-configured and holds the exit device(s) in the unlatched position for 2 – 60 seconds. At the end of the selected time, the exit device(s) will re-latch. If the switch controlling the exit device is closed longer than the selected time, the exit device remains unlatched until the controlling switch is released.

  • An optional mode is available that allows both retraction timers to activate in response to a closure of either switch.
  • Exit devices under access system control remain latched during a complete power failure but always allow free mechanical egress


  • UL 294
  • CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 223


  • Housing: Hinged, steel cabinet measures 10" x10-3/8" x 4-1/8" [254 mm x 263.5 mm x104.8 mm]. Blue, baked enamel finish with knockouts for conduit connections. Sized to accommodate two sealed, lead acid batteries (7AH, not included).
  • Timer: Initiated by switch closure to control each exit device. Timer is user-configured and holds exit device in unlatched position for 2 - 60 seconds. At end of selected time, exit device will relatch.
  • Operating Modes: The PS-EXIT is designed to power up to two 8000/3000 MLR or LR exit devices in the following operating modes:
    • Single Input (Sequential Operation): either input retracts the corresponding exit device followed by retraction of second device. Control double-door exit with one input.
    • Dual Input (Independent Operation): Each exit device is controlled by its own input switch. Control two separate exits with two inputs.
  • Electrical: Input Power: 115 VAC
  • Rated Output Current: Up to 0.8A per channel continuous rated output current.
  • Typical Output Voltage:
    • 24 - 26 VDC
    • Up to 17 A pull-in current
  • Options: Battery Charger Kit (BBK-EXIT) is available separately to add battery backup capability to the PS-EXIT. The enclosure is sized to accommodate two 12 Vt – 7AH sealed, lead acid batteries (not included).
  • Note: Adams Rite recommends that for optimal performance all exit devices with the MLR or LR Options are installed and powered using PS-EXIT power supplies. Failure to do so may cause permanent damage to the exit device.

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Alternate CodesPS-EXIT, PSEXIT
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