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(SVR) Surface Vertical Rod Narrow Exit Only Panic 36in X 96In

Part#: FAL24V-EO-313AN-36X96
Hot#: 174843

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FALCON 24-V Vertical Rod Exit Device

Panic exit hardware: High-traffic applications demand the added strength and protection that comes with a vertical rod device. The Falcon 24-V Series delivers with a surface-applied design that includes standard top latch and deadlocking. The narrow stile and sleek touch bar design ensure an attractive installation.


  • Extruded aluminum construction delivers greater strength and impact resistance.
  • No exposed screws or rivets on the back of the device for a streamlined design and clean lines for a more attractive installation.
  • One trim input design provides maximum versatility and ability to use various trims.
  • Stainless steel push pad cover provides a scratch-resistant pushing surface.
  • Flush-end caps help prevent them from being destroyed or knocked off in abusive situations.
  • Narrow stile center case is ideal for storefront applications with narrow stile aluminum doors.


  • Hand: Field reversible.
  • Functions: 24-V-EO (exit only) has all functions built in. Order trim with the device, or add it later.
  • Strikes: 3788 top strike is surface applied, 2130 bottom strike is mortised into floor.
  • Angle Bracket: Use 4215 angle bracket in flush transom installations. Allow use of standard 3788 strike.
  • Latchbolt: Top stainless steel, top latch 3⁄4" throw, bottom bolt 1⁄2" throw.
  • Deadlocking Latchbolt: Standard with top latch.
  • Latch Retention Hold: Standard with top latch. On top latch.
  • Dogging Feature: Half turn hex dogging standard. No threaded parts to wear out.
  • Doors: 1-3⁄4" thick, wood or metal. Specify thickness if other than 1-3⁄4" thick.
  • Projection: 2-3⁄4" maximum, 2" dogged.
  • Stile: 2-1⁄8" minimum when used in pairs.
  • Electric Functions: Can be interfaced with building security systems. Motorized electric latch retraction (fail secure only), security monitoring, delayed egress and exit alarm available.
  • Fasteners: All mounting screws are concealed, sheet metal screws standard, machine screws available, specify AMS.
  • Sex Bolts: Recommended when device is used with hollow core wood, composite or light gauge hollow metal doors. For EO device, specify 8 - 425 (#10-24) SNB and 2 - 325 (1⁄4"-20) SNB. For devices with trim, specify 8 - 425 (#10-24) SNB.
  • ANSI: Certified ANSI A156.3-2001 grade 1 standards.
  • 24-V: Latch retention (LR) top latch and bottom square bolt. 3788 strike top, 2130 flush strike bottom.
  • 24-V-LBR: Less bottom rod vertical.
  • Vertical rods: Furnished to length based on a 40" horizontal CL from finished floor and a 7’ 0" door standard. Variations from these standards must be specified when ordering.
  • Shim kits: For glass lite applications; 1⁄4" thick, specify SK24-V.


Device Door Size Door Strike Min. Stile (in.) Min. Door Opening Width
24-V 3’ ALL 2-1/8" 2’ 7-1/4".
24-V 4’ ALL 2-1/8" 3’ 1-1/4"


» 605/US3 - Brass, Bright
» 606/US4 - Brass, Satin
» 612/US10 - Bronze, Satin
» 619/US15 - Nickel, Satin
» 622/US19 - Black, Matte
» 625/US26 - Chromium, Bright
» 626/US26D - Chromium, Satin
» 629/US32 - Satinless Steel, Bright
» 630/US32D - Satinless Steel, Satin
» 628/US28 - Anodized Aluminum
» 643e/US11 - Bronze, Aged
» 710/313AN - Anodized Duranodic

Specifications for Falcon Lock FAL24V-EO-313AN-36X96

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Alternate Codes24V-EO-313AN-36X96, 24VEO313AN36X96