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Inactive Dummy Touch Bar, 36in, 313AN/SP313 Anodized Aluminum, Duranodic Dark Bronze

Part#: FAL250DT-EO-313AN-36
Hot#: 174863

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Falcon Lock 24/25 Series Exit Device Dummy Touch Bar


  • Active and Inactive models only.
  • Active model offered with RX or RX/KOR.
  • Availble Lengths: 3’ or 4’ feet.
  • RX: Touchbar Request to Exit Switch.
  • KOR: Key Override device monitoring on a door by use of a keyed cylinder.


  • US3/605 - Brass, Bright
  • US4/606 - Brass, Satin
  • US10/612 - Bronze, Satin
  • US11/643e - Bronze, Aged
  • US15/619 - Nickel, Satin
  • US19/622 - Black, Matte
  • US26/625 - Chromium, Bright
  • US26D/626 - Chromium, Satin
  • US28/628 - Anodized, Aluminum
  • US32/629 - Stainless Steel, Bright
  • US32D/630 - Stainless Steel, Satin
  • 313AN/710 - Anodized Duranodic

Specifications for Falcon Lock FAL250DT-EO-313AN-36

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Alternate Codes250DT-EO-313AN-36, 250DTEO313AN36
CategoryPanic Devices, Panic Devices & Exit Alarms, Touchbars