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Part#: HES2005M3
Hot#: 105390

In-line power controller able to receive input voltages from 12-32V AC or DC. Built-in bridge rectifier. Reduces initial voltage by 25% to extend the life of the electric strike. Includes built-in resettable fuse, MOV, voltage regulation and input

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HES SMART Pac III 2005M3 In-Line Power Controller

The 2005M3 SMART Pac III is an in-line power controller that is able to receive input voltages from 12 to 32V AC or DC. It has a built-in bridge rectifier and the continuous duty timer reduces initial voltage by 25 percent to extend the life os the electric strike.

Installing a SMART Pac III power controller with any new products extends the 1 year warranty on electrical components, including the SMART Pac III, to the full 3-5 warranty term applicable to each Series mechanical component as outlined in standard terms and conditions.

Note: The SMART Pac III can not provide an output voltage greater than the input voltage.


  • Includes built-in resettable fuse, MOV, voltage regulation and input status LED.
  • Accepts wide range of input voltage, 12-32 Volts AC or DC
  • Output 12VDC or 24VDC, depending on input voltage
  • Smart LED Input Status Indicator
  • Built-in bridge rectifier
  • Built-in surge protection (voltage regulation)
  • Supports fail secure or fail safe configured electric strikes
  • Continuous duty: reduces initial voltage by 25% after a fixed period of time, to provide cooler more efficient operation of strike
  • Self-resetting over-current protection
  • Configures strike eliminating need for voltage specific pigtails

Specifications for Hanchett Entry Systems HES2005M3

Other Specs
Alternate Codes105390, 113302, 2005, 2005M, 2005M3, 469300, HES2005, HES2005M
Electric Strike PartsPower Controller
Voltage12V AC, 12V DV, 32V AC