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Part#: HES2007M
Hot#: 131047

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HES Electric Strike Accessories


  • 2001M - Plug-in Bridge Rectifier
    Converts AC to unfiltered DC. Rated 35 V, 1 Amp Includes MOV and self-resettable fuse. Not recommended for 1006 Electric Strike

  • 2001-1 - Wire-in Bridge Rectifier
    Converts AC to unfiltered DC. Rated 35 V, 2 Amp Not recommended for 1006 Electric Strike

  • 2004M - ElectroLynx® adapter
    Adapter between existing HES electric strikes and ElectroLynx® connectors

  • 2005M3 - SMART Pac III™
    In-line power controller able to receive input voltages from 12- 32V AC or DC. Built-in bridge rectifier. Reduces initial voltage by 25% to extend the life of the electric strike.
    » Includes built-in resettable fuse, MOV, voltage regulation and input voltage level indicating and unit status.
    » For use with 1006, input voltage must be DC

  • 2006M - Plug-in Buzzer
    Audible operation indicator. At 24 VDC, 75db at 11-3/4"

  • 2007M - Plug-in Pigtail Connectors
    With 4" wire leads

  • 152 - Universal mounting tabs
    Mount inside hollow metal and aluminum jambs

  • 150 - Strike latch guard
    Stainless steel. Installed at the edge of the door to cover the lock and electric strike

  • 310-2-3 - Astragal strike latch guard
    Designed to prevent tampering with the latchbolt, as well as the latchbolt keeper. Prevents one door from being open before the other.

  • SMB - Surface Mounting Box
    Installs on inactive door of pair of doors to accommodate rim-exit devices. To be used with the 7000 (783S and 789S), 9400, 9500, 9600 and 9700 series.
    » Available in black finish only

  • 154-MTK - Metal Template Kit
    For installing the 1006, 4500, 5000, 5200, 7000 and 7501 electric strikes (4-7/8" ANSI jamb preparation only)

  • 9000-MTK - Metal Template Kit
    For installing the 9400, 9500, 9600, and 9700electric strikes.

Specifications for Hanchett Entry Systems HES2007M

Other Specs
Access TypeElectric Strike
Alternate Codes131047, 2007, 2007M, HES2007
Electric Strike PartsPlug-In Pigtail Connectors
Voltage12V DC, 24V DC
Wire Leads4"