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The Blitz Code Machine

Part#: HPC1200CMB
Hot#: 105434
Mfg: HPC Inc

Available: 59 ( 4 DEN, 15 KAN, 13 LA, 3 LV, 4 PHX, 3 SEA, 11 SLC, 6 STX )

This revolutionary code milling machine has made all others obsolete and is now the unequivocal "Standard of the Industry." The Blitz is very simple to use and extremely versatile. It cuts by actual manufacturers` depths and spaces.

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HPC Inc The Original Blitz™

The Original Blitz™ Machine, from its introduction more than 30 years ago, revolutionized the locksmith industry. The 1200CMB Blitz™ simplified the code cutting process, and its innovative design earned it 3 U.S. Patents. It is the best selling code machine, renowned as the "Standard of the Industry", and after more than three decades, HPC's Blitz™ machine has become an integral part of virtually every locksmith business.

  • The Extreme Blitz™ is ideal for a new locksmith, a second shop or a new van. Perfect for the locksmith who wants it all!
  • The Base Model Blitz™ is the perfect second machine. Use your existing Code cards and cutters to make it a dedicated machine for the keys you cut most often.

Model No.1200CMB

  • Motor:120VAC (1/6 hp, 3.5 amps)
  • Weight: 34lbs / 15.4kg
  • Machine Size: 12"W x 14"D x 9H" (30.5W x 35.5D x 23H cm)
  • Bench Size: 20"W x 14"D (51W x 35.5D cm)

Additional Models:

  • Model No. 1200CMB240V
    • Motor: 240VAC 50 cycle
    • Weight: 34lbs / 15.4 kg
    • Machine Size: 12"W x 14"D x 11"H (30.5W x 35.5D x 28H cm)
    • Bench Size: 20"W x 14"D (51W x 35.5D cm)
  • Model No. 1200CMBX
    • 3 Cutters
    • 175 Code Cards
    • Calibration Kit
    • Tubular Key Adapter Kit
  • Model No. 1200CMBACDC
    • Motor: 120VAC/12VDC (1/6 hp, 4 amps AC, 12 amps DC)
    • Weight: 44lbs / 19.5 kg
    • Machine Size: 12"W x 14"D x 11"H (30.5W x 35.5D x 28H cm)
    • Bench Size 10W x 14D (51W x 35.5Dcm)

Cutters Supplied:

  • No. CW-14MC Tool Steel, 100o lg. cylinder
  • No. CW-1011 Tool Steel, 90o sm. cylinder

Accessories Included:

  • No. DECK-150 142 Code Cards and 8 Micrometer Cards
  • No. CARD-B Binder with Manual
  • No. CM-1054MA Red Tip Stop
  • No. KBPS-1 Brass Plated Key Shim
  • No. WRENCH-1 Cutter Adj. Wrench
  • No. WRENCH-2 Allen Wrench, 5/64"
  • No. WRENCH-2 Cutter Nut Wrench

Optional Accessories:

  • No. CS-CD - CodeSource® Software
  • No. CW-CD - CardWare® Software
  • No. MJ-1 - Medeco® Jaw
  • No. SPJ-1 - Schlage Primus®/Quad Jaw
  • No. CARD-BP - Card Panel (holds 40 Cards)
  • No. HT-125 / No. RT-SD - Tip Stops / Safe Dep. Box Keys
  • No. HT-125 / No. HT-625 - Tip Stops / L&F Safe Dep. Box Keys
  • No. SPR-5 - Spacer for Safe Dep. Box Keys
  • No. HKD-75 - Key Decoder
  • No. CMB-CK - Calibration Kit
  • No. TKA-CMB - Tubular Key Adapter Kit
  • No. TIBBE-CMB - Tibbe Key Adapter Kit

Optional Cutters:

  • No. CW-1013 - Tool Steel, 90°, Emhart
  • No. CW-90MC - Tool Steel 90° large cylinder
  • No. CW-20FM - Tool Steel, 76° Sargent
  • No. CW-32MC - Tool Steel,90°, ASSA
  • No. CW-47MC - Tool Steel 87° Automotive
  • No. CW-1014 - Tool Steel, 100°, Kwikset
  • No. CW-105 - Tool Steel, 105°, Double Angle
  • No. CW-45SMS - Tool Steel, Side Mill Slotter
  • No. CW-BC - Carbide, .054 Yale Slotter
  • No. CW-CC - Carbide, .058 Lloyd Matheson Slotter
  • No. CW-DC - Carbide, .064 S&G Slotter
  • No. CW-EC - Carbide, .069 Diebold Slotter
  • No. CW-FC - Carbide, .088 Mosler Slotter

Specifications for HPC Inc HPC1200CMB

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Alternate Codes105434, 1200CM, 1200CMB, 500122, UNIVERSAL II, UNIVERSALII
CategoryAutomotive, Key Machines & Equipment, Locksmith Equipment
Machine TypeKey Machine