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Narrow 2in Profile, 1200lbs Single Mag Lock 12/24VDC (Dual Voltage - Field Selectable), Sealed Electronics, Weather Resistant, Stainless Steel Housing

Part#: DRT1110
Hot#: 182023

Available: 25 ( 25 KAN )

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Dortronics Systems, Inc.

This state-of-the-art electro-magnetic locking device provides positive, instantaneous door control. Offered in models for single and pairs of out-swinging, in-swinging, sliding, and overhead doors. Filler plates, angle brackets, and other mounting adapters are available to satisfy a wide range of door and frame types and conditions.


  • Safe Operation: 1100 Series locking devices are inherently failsafe, releasing instantly upon command or loss of power. With no moving parts to wear, stick or bind; no mechanical linkages to bend or break; and no bolt travel time or misalignment to raise concern, both unlocking and locking are always accomplished with ease and efficiency.
  • Extended Service: The rugged design and durable construction insure virtually endless actuations without fear of electrical fatigue or mechanical breakdown. This, combined with manufacturing to the most stringent quality control standards, allows Dortronics to offer a ten-year limited warranty on all electromagnetic locks.
  • NFPA Life Safety Compatible: As electromagnetic locking devices function independently of any mechanical type locks, magnetic locks will not jeopardize the door rating of an opening. These units are ideal for use with fire and hazard detection systems to provide unobstructed egress. Highly recommended for use on Exit Door Control Systems requiring code acceptable delayed releasing, per NFPA 101.
  • Universal Control: Able to be controlled and monitored individually, sequentially, or simultaneously from one or several locations, make the application of maglocks ideal in perimeter protection systems with automatic swinging and sliding door systems, and intrusion alarm systems. The well confined magnetic field of the lock allows it to be used in sensitive computer areas. With the built-in suppressor system protecting circuitry and components from noise and spikes. 1100 Series maglocks can be reliably interfaced with any electronic access control and monitoring equipment.
  • Model Configuration: The 1110 is for single outswing doors, TJ1110 for Inswing doors. The 1120 is for double outswing doors,TJ1120 for Inswing doors The 1115 is for double outswing doors utilizing the 1110 with a split pair of armatures 600 lbs. per door, TJ1115 for Inswing doors


  • Physical Size:
    • 1110 & 1115 - 12-1/2” long x 2” high Housing dim. x 1-13/16” deep 1120 - 23” long x 2” high Housing dim. x 1-13/16” deep
    • 1110/1115/1120 Projection - 2-5/8” Total depth including armature
  • Electrical:
    • 1110/1115 - 290ma @ 24 VDC, 580ma @12 VDC
    • 1120 - 580ma @ 24 VDC, 1.16 amp @12 VDC
  • In-Swinging Doors: TJ (prefix) - Top jamb mounting for inswinging doors (includes back mount housing and Z bracket for mounting armature) See also 1198 armature mounting assembly for all glass doors.
  • Custom Housings:
    • LV (prefix) - Extra long housing for vertical jamb mounted locks
    • LW (prefix) - Extra wide housing for horizontal full width mounted locks


  • DBA - Dark Bronze Anodized
  • US3 - Polished Brass
  • US4 - Satin Brass
  • US26 - Polished Chrome
  • US26D - Satin Chrome

Specifications for Dortronics Systems, Inc. DRT1110

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Alternate Codes1110
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