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PRO-LOK AKUL Long Reach Car Opening Kit
13 Piece

The 13 Piece Long Reach Car Opening Kit includes an assortment of 5 “Quick Change” Long Reach Auto Entry Tools and accessories custom fit into the bottom of the specialty molded case.

Quick Change Long Reach Tools are centered around our Quick Change 1/4” heavy duty rigid handle. Because of the variety of opening methods, you choose from 3 different Tool Bodies provided to screw directly into the Quick Change Handle.

Tool body choices include 1/4” heavy duty rigid Tool Body, 1/8” bendable Hook Tool Body, 1/8” bendable “L” Hook Tool Body, heavy duty extension (when longer reach is needed).

  • Accessories provided also include 2 rubber wedges, 2 plastic wedges, heavy duty Pump Wedge, Plastic Tool Sleeve, and 52 page Tool Usage and Instruction Booklet.


AO42-QC1 Quick Change Long Reach Car Opening Tool - 3 Piece
(Consisting of : AO42-QC1-01, AO42-QC1-02, AO42-QC1-03)

  • The 3 Piece Quick Change Long Reach Tool is designed to unlock many vehicles through the passenger door using wedges and/or door jack type tools. Features a specialty formulated Glow-in-the-Dark tip and 18” in. extension arm which may be mounted between the rigid ‘handle’ and ‘tool body’ without using a bulky coupler.,

AO42-QC2 Quick Change Long Reach Accessory Tools- 2 Piece
(Consisting of : AO42A, AO42B)

  • The 2 Piece Quick Change Long Reach Accessory Tools features a thin diameter body which screw directly into the ‘handle’ or 18” in. extension arm without the use of a bulky coupler. The thinner material may provide less wedging or stress on the vehicle while still easily bending to pull or push on the desired unlocking feature. 1/8″ diameter and must be used with AO42-QC1

AO42SL Long Reach Tool Sleeve

  • Use the Long Reach Tool Sleeve to protect the glass, weather stripping, paint, and edge of the door from tools while performing an auto opening.

AO95 Tool Instruction Booklet

  • The 52 page Tool Usage and Instruction Booklet is a great resource for understanding different auto locking systems and how to use our tools for car openings. Keep on hand for most car opening situations.

AO65 Pump Wedge

  • The Pump Wedge is a unique and versatile tool for expanding openings to unlock vehicles. The inflatable wedge made of non-marring ballistic material and has rounded corners for easy entry. Includes a stiff interior for extra strength and easier insertion. Size: 6.25 width x 5.5” length.

A064 Mini Duo Orange Wedges

  • The Mini Duo Orange Wedge with a unique crown makes expanding even tight doors easy. A set of two (2) wedges are easily inserted to assist in expanding openings to better maneuver car opening tools.

AO67 Mini Rubber Wedge Car Opening Tool

  • The Mini Rubber Wedge is a versatile tool made from heavy-duty grade, non-marking rubber. Perfect for expanding openings to unlock vehicles without damaging car doors and windows.

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